2018【Company News】SEA HOPE OCEAN DAY 10/13

After climate warming, marine plasticization pollution is the second largest environmental crisis.

Today, Ecomax Textile Team also went to Fuhong Waterfield with LiteOn Co., Ltd. for beach cleanup activity.

Ecomax Textile was proudly to provide every participant the T-Shirt which is made by 21 recycled bottles. And also displayed PETSPUN products on the booth.

Which struck a chord with many viewers.

The original PET bottles after consumption can also be transformed into textile products with valuable value.


A total of 200 bags of garbage were cleared at Fuhong Waterfield.

Nearly one ton of sea bleaching waste, combined with a total of 300 bags of nearly 1.6 tons in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung, is abundant and excellent results

It is hoped that this activity will bring more people to pay attention to the importance of environmental protection, garbage disposal and plastic reduction.

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