What Is RPET?

RPET (Recycled PET) which is made from used drink PET bottles.


RPET fabric is a new environmentally friendly material, as it originates reduces waste from other products (drinking bottles).


Drink bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which can be melted and re-woven to be ‘recycled’into fabric, thus reducing waste in our environment and landfills. Therefore, when buying products with RPET, you are giving a second life to the material, creating a demand for recycling and waste reduction.


Please consider the environmental impact of the materials and supporting the use of recycled or sustainable materials in the products you use.


RPET fibers & fabrics are made from 100% post-consumer PET drinking bottles, reducing the waste that might get into the environment or landfills, while saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions, and lowering the use of petrochemical materials.


Spun yarn

Filament yarn


  • Conserve the non-renewable fossil fuels (oil) and reduce the amount of solid waste going to the environment and landfills.
  • Reduce the consumption of energy used.
  • Reduce the emission of gases like carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.