ECOMAX- NYHI promotional video


Porsche.Sportscar Together – ECOMAX PETSPUN®


ECOMAX-綠色紡織正流行 富勝「網住」一片綠色商機 ~ 富勝紡織

ECOMAX- Interview

ECOMAX- Interview (English subtitled version)

ECOMAX- Petspun process introduction

ECOMAX- Petspun process introduction (English subtitled version)

ECOMAX- Bamboo Charcoal Yarn Process Introduction

ECOMAX Sponsorship – World Day for Wate

Taichung City – Introduction with “Fiber, Fashion, Green Craft Life Design Exhibition”

Unisex Jogging & Cycling Ankle Socks introduction clip (English subtitled)

Coconut Activated Charcoal Herbal Extract Teeth Cleaning Powder introduction clip

Taiwan Miracle – 20 Years of Resource Recovery