Taiwan has a history:

Taiwan has a history of oyster breeding for many years. The main oyster breeding area is located on the western coast of Taiwan, from north of Taiwan Hsinchu, and to Dapeng Bay in the south. The vast expanse of oyster farm brings unlimited economic value but abandoned oyster shells are disposed along the coast.


According to a survey conducted by the Council of Agriculture, the weight of oyster shells produced each year in Taiwan is as high as 160,000 metric tons. Although some of the oyster shells have been developed for the use in soil amendments or food pellets for livestock, their added value is low, hence the oyster shells problems have not been completely solved as it brings pollution to environment.


Oysters are broad-salt shellfish and have a great adaptability to salinity in seawater. The estuaries have excellent growth along the coast for the oyster.


It is a place suitable for oyster farming from the Zong-zi corner line of the beach in the Chang-ping industrial area. Along the coast of Xianxi County under the sparkling sunset lights this stunning hometown coast always brings happiness and comfort to Founder MR. Ke. During a visit to the coastal road with chairman of the Shengang Township, Founder MR. Ke  was unaware about the smelly oyster shells which had been discarded along the shore. This bad smell not only destroyed the scenery along the coast, but also polluted the ecological environment. Founder MR.  Ke got determined to do his best for his hometown and for Taiwan environment.


Founder MR. Ke said: “I not only hope to bring health to humans, but also give a clean environment to the ecology; the contribution is compassion hence no return.” In wishing to be the gardener of the earth, this constant intention made him to invest in research and development. Turning abandoned oyster shells into textiles that are beneficial to human health. Let’s thank to the ocean for this precious resource and make the best use of it and give it a higher added value!