Received the Best Sustainable Material Collection in the Best of APLF Awards 2019

The first Best of APLF Awards (BOAA) was held in March 2004 to mark the 20th anniversary of APLF fair. The organisers saw the need to raise the bar for all exhibitors by creating an awards program that would encourage the pursuit of excellence in design and quality.

ECOMAX received the Best Sustainable Material Collection in the Best of APLF Awards 2019. We provide R-PET , jute and other recycled and sustainable materials with eco ink for printing which is our firm commitment for sustainable development.

Taiwan Top 100 Great Sourvenirs

ECOMAX not only use charcoal application development for jogging, biking, mountain climbing, golf and other sports goods such as athletic socks, underwear and clothes, suitable for athlete wear due to its dry and comfortable application.

Production healthy pillow, wool blanket and other health products, pay great attention to the elderly market.

In recent years it has branched out into Souvenir market, in form of gift boxes putting the charcoal bath towel, bamboo charcoal soap etc. We were awarded the Taiwan 100 Great Souvenir Award in 2012.

MIT Gold Award

Ecomax production of “dual-use charcoal bike and jogging socks” to provide the most complete protection of the foot, socks with colorful pattern subdivided into seven different parts, allowing the wearer to experience this clearly intimate pairs of socks, and for changes in different parts of weave and material design.

Bamboo bike and jogging socks is made from environmentally friendly bamboo fiber and blended yarn.

The bamboo uses Taiwan Meng Zong zhu high temperature earthen kiln burn, the working procedure are many and complicated.
The bamboo carbon has the multi-hole adsorptive to absorb moisture deodorizes, and has the remote infrared ray to be able the regeneration heat preservation.

After 20 years of research and development Ecomax was able to develop the blended yarn using waste plastic bottles and thereby making socks. These socks not only keep us healthy but also protect the earth and the environment.

The key part of the ” Argyrodite Bamboo Charcoal Middle Rise Briefs ” is to use the heat storage and heat preservation of bamboo charcoal fiber and antibacterial deodorization of strontium ions to greatly reduce the incidence of women’s diseases and bacteria. The whole design is woven with sports cloth, which has good perspiration effect and quick drying during washing.

The four-sided weave method makes the fabric elastic on the top, bottom, left and right, and the wide-mouth design of the pants is better to wear and take off, reducing the friction of the skin. The whole underwear is calculated by computer precision, which is the most suitable for ergonomics, three-dimensional embossed texture, one-piece embossed and this not only makes it comfortable but also has the visual effect of lifting the hip. Wear for health, no stress and no pressure when worn.

MIT Gold Award


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