2018【News Report】Sending the love blankets to Syria 13rd Dec.

This year, Jingyi has connected a total of 47 Catholic school teachers and students in Taiwan, and raised a total of 5,200 love blankets;

Another effort was made to complete 10,000 copies of the “Stationary Gift Bag”. In the teacher’s introduction to the Syrian war and the current situation, the students also hand-painted the picture, hoping that this blessing can warm the hearts of the refugees.

The love blanket is made with 100% recycled PET bottles, which is  provided by Ecomax Textile with supports Jingyi University at a favorable price!

This “Christmas gift” can not only rescue Syrian refugees, but also reduce the pressure on plastic waste for the Earth.

The picture shows the school teachers and students with Ecomax Textile colleagues to load love blanket into the container.

#Ecomax # 聯合全台47所天主教學校送愛到敘利亞 #保特紗 PETSPUN