2018【Company News】 SD Focus Talk: Solving Social Issues with Business Strategy Nov. 17th

In 2016, the United Nations issued 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a common language, and Ecomax Textile is implementing it now.
Item No.12 “Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production Mode” and
Item No.14 “Conservation and Maintenance of Marine Resources”.
This time,Ecomax was honored to be invited by the Plan b unit to participate in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition to
attend the “SD Focus Conversation”. The theme of “How can companies and new companies solve social problems with business strategies?”
Communicating with other well-known representative companies, the Tea Seed Hall and the Burning Citizen Platform, and also share the people with experiences.
The attending public relations Anita said that the people on the scene were enthusiastic and
hoped that through this experience sharing, the public could be better understanding about how the company can achieve the goal of international sustainable development.

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