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<Recycled nylon from wast fish net/Ecomax Textile Co., Ltd. Taiwan>
In the early 2000s, the first company  successfully develop the recycled polyester from PET bottles in Taiwan.
In 2013, we started using Taiwan’s abandoned fishing nets to produce recycled nylon yarn. 
Since January of this year, we have started mass production of recycled yarn, which is a 50% blend of the same yarn and PET bottle recycled polyester.
Currently, recycled nylon yarns have a monthly capacity of 50 to 60 tons, and polyester blended yarns have a monthly capacity of 100 to 120 tons.
The factory in Changhua County processes yarn from recycled yarn to woven fabrics and finished products.
The sales ratio by product category is 15% yarn, 35% fabric, and 50% finished product.
The international market ratio is 70% for the US and Europe and 30% for Japan.
Report date: October 25, 2019 (Friday, Friday) 4:50 pm

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